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Medical science has not just been a means for preventing and healing illness in all its forms. Since the dawn of history, individuals have sought to look and feel better about themselves through a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit.

In the ever expanding world of plastic and cosmetic surgery, a marriage of science and beauty is becoming a major trend.

In its awareness of this trend, BSBC set up a new division to exploit the potential of this new era of aesthetic transformation sans the complications and downtime accompanying surgery, and put at the disposal of its clients the latest in medical wellness technology to provide the tools for building a whole new person by redefining his/her beauty and boosting self esteem.

Medical Wellness division offers international world class aesthetics and plastic - derma products to doctors and patients throughout the Middle East.

This Division, has recently launched an advertising blitz in all forms of mass media to promote its pioneering cold laser treatments using the now famous Zerona body sculpting equipment which BSBC represents in the Middle East and North Africa through a novel leasing system to exclusive member clinics ( www.myzeronamiddleeast.com ) followed by similar media campaigns for the division's other products from world famous Principals such as Thermage - the gold standard Radiofrequency based procedure for skin tightening and contouring by Solta Medical , Fraxel - the pioneer of fractional photothermolysis by Solta Medical, LVR and DLV techniques trained by Dr. David Mattlock himself the renowned doctor as seen on Dr. 90210 the famous American Tv. Show, the advanced sculpting techniques using high definition liposelection - Vaser, minimally invasive absorbable and non-absorbable lifting threads by Aptos , Bodyjet the water assisting liposuction and fat transfer device by Human Med , Omnilux Light therapy by Phototherapeutics, and many others.

Through these media campaigns and efforts, the division has rocked the region and has caused a shock wave in the perception of beauty in the region.