Technical Support

Thrust with the ambition and determination to uphold BSBC at the pinnacle among competitors, the ‘Technical Support Division’ (TSD) constantly pursue a Total Quality Management System, to provide the most professional technical support to its wide and multifaceted customer spectrum.

Established in 1964, this financially self-sustaining important division of BSBC has always ensured its dominance in technical excellence and field service practices to their knowledgeable and demanding customer base in Kuwait.

The division has some of the best technical professionals available in the Middle East; recruited for their distinguishing credentials in their respective subject fields such as bio-medical, electrical, electronics and information engineering, CRM, laboratory information integration and other specialized fields.

After a successful sale order by another sister-division, the Technical Support Division takes over the responsibility for providing superior comprehensive after-sale support. Right from the moment of a new system arriving at the customer premises, TSD engages in a continuously-refined relationship that may span decades. The division acts as a complete technical support system fuelled with precise and accurate skills, commendable response time and self-enforced strict quality standards.

With the critical and bilateral feedbacks provided by the team members, TSD is the most continuous and constant business communication pathway between the end-user customer and the company management.

In addition to the health-care segment, the division also caters to industrial, environmental, educational and infrastructure customers in Kuwait and neighboring countries and they have a strong and dominating presence in the analytical solutions to the oil and petrochemical laboratories, food and agricultural industry, environmental and scientific research institutions, water and electrical energy departments, police, forensic and military services etc.

Hosting technical support and adhering to the strict quality standards of a long and proud list of the BSBC principals, the Technical Support Division of BSBC holds an immense responsibility.

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