Molecular Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging is considered as an important tool to help the physicians to take the right decision. Right decision means the most effective therapy. Thus, Diagnostic Imaging and Therapy are complementary tools. That is why we combined them in one division.

Our philosophy is to supply the most advanced Diagnostic techniques to deliver the most curing Therapy. Whatever your needs are, we; here at BSBC, will be there to help you. We can supply from a single instrument to the most sophisticated turnkey project.

We are active in the following fields of nuclear medicine:

  • Production of PET agents, such 18F-FDG and 18F-NaF.
    DIT installed and operated the first cyclotron RDS Eclipse of Siemens in Kuwait since 2008.

    In 2019 the facility was fully upgraded to be operated by cGMP guidelines.

  • PET facility turnkey project. Design, equipment, validation, qualification, process validation, and operation.
  • Cyclotron supplying. 12 MeV, 20 MeV, and 30 MeV.
  • Clean rooms design, supply and qualification.
  • Radiation protection. Instruments, software, and shielding.
  • Quality assurance management system. Customized and validated.
  • Quality control equipment. Supply, qualification and training.
  • 18F-FDG and 18F-NaF QC autoanalyzer.
  • Introduce new PET tracers. Production, QC and process validation.
  • PET and SPECT tracer cold kits.
  • Supplying Linear accelerator systems.
  • Radiotherapy planning software.
  • Dosimetry. Phantoms and software.
  • Molecular Image processing software.
  • Chemotherapy isolator and LAF-Work benches.