About Us

Bader Sultan & Brothers Co. W.L.L. (BSBC) was established in 1960, and has ever since been building a strong reputation as a company premised on growth, holistic solutions, quality control, international operations and corporate social responsibility. Thus, we created a company that covers 360 degrees of excellence.

Message of the Managing Director

“We never compromise on our values and traditions, as these, we believe, are what truly make us who we are.”

Anwar Sultan Al-Essa

It is with a twinge of pride that we look back at our astronomical growth as we course through the 6th decade of our journey. Today, there are few areas that Bader Sultan & Bros. Co. W.L.L. (BSBC) doesn’t cater to in the field of medical services and supplies in both the public and private sectors. From the humble but profoundly potent pills to state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and medical consultations among others, we provide a holistic range of solutions for human wellbeing.

We owe this success to the unqualified support and cooperation of our international partners and our valued clients. Thanks to our visionary founders, technological advancement has always been the driving force behind our endeavor. That is why we have engaged in long-standing partnerships with world-famous manufacturers in the healthcare industry, making sure that the latest innovations are available to our clients here.
Our commitment to improvement has guided our journey from modest beginnings, evolving and adapting to the changing dynamics of the industry. While keeping focused on progress, we never compromise on our values and traditions, as these, we believe, are what truly make us who we are.
I can’t end this message without acknowledging the most important asset of our company, our people. Nothing of what I described above would have been possible had it not been for their dedication and sincere services to the company. I continuously challenge them to march on and keep up the excellent work.

Message of the Chief Executive Officer

“Adopting new technologies and changes as new needs emerge to exploit opportunities and surmount challenges.”

Emad Al Zaben

BSBC has continued its leading position in the regional market growing from strength to strength with each passing year. As the world is recovering from the stress of economic downturns, we are determined on setting the bars higher achieving 50% growth rate even during the recession periods.
I believe our people deserve generous praise for achieving this growth. Their skills and dedication have provided the company the ability to rise to the top in the competitive healthcare sector. We are never lax when it comes to adopting new technologies and changes as new needs emerge to exploit opportunities and surmount challenges. Riding on these strengths, we have made inroads into new markets, providing our services to ever greater numbers of people.
As of today, BSBC has 24 specialized units clustered in 6 separate divisions that cover the entire range of our operations in the various markets that we cater to. We believe that with growing success comes more responsibilities – not only to our customers but also to our society. This is the reason why we engage in philanthropic initiatives as a means of giving back to society.
For us, the future always looks rosy because optimism is ingrained in our business philosophy. Challenges inspire us to work harder and advance farther, bringing to the industry better services and products. And we are confident we can maintain our leadership position in the region, continuously resetting our bars higher to achieve more.

Our people

We believe that behind all our achievements, there is the dedication and sincere efforts of our staff. This is the reason why we put so much emphasis on providing our people with periodic training in an inspiring work atmosphere with ample space to learn contribute and grow, nurturing a sense of belonging and ownership.

What we do

  • Highly reputed in Kuwait for the supply and maintenance of a wide spectrum of hospital equipment.
  • Leading position in the supply of pharmaceuticals in addition to agricultural and veterinary products.
  • Pioneers in medical disposables in Kuwait.
  • Partnerships with world-class manufacturers renowned for high quality standards.

What we provide


Maintenance and consultation services in the healthcare sector.


Pharmaceuticals, analytical equipment, diagnostic and scientific instruments, hospital supplies, appliances, consumables,
sterilization equipment, X-ray accessories, Equipment’s supply, Radiotherapy and censoring devices.

Our Values


Transparency is the most effective way to build both principals and clients’ trust.


Together we can surmount any challenge.


Monitoring, learning and adopting new trends and developments.


Bringing emerging technology to our customers.


Delivering promise at any cost.

Our Partners

Our partners are the cornerstone of our business and they are the reason we exist. We have a long list of reputed partners both local and international. About 70% of our partners’ base is represented by the public sector and 30% by the private sector. We give specific attention to each of our partners to ensure that their needs are met, which develop a relationship based on a foundation of trust and long-term partnership.