Digital Health

What is Digital Health?

By combining technology revolution and the HealthCare the result will be Digital Health. The Digital Health specifically refers to the use of information and communication technologies to help address the health problems and challenges faced by patients.

Why Digital Health?

Digital Health is empowering us to track, manage and improve our patient health , and care environments leading to greater independence and improved health patient results. using of modern technologies and digital services is not only changing the way we care , they also provide us more innovative ways for monitoring our the patient health ,and giving us greater access to personal data for self-management.

Precision Healthcare Solutions

SIMULATION, SURGICAL PLANNING, MANUFACTURING 3D Systems is a pioneer for healthcare solutions that improve outcomes which benefit both patients and surgeons.
Virtual Health Partners (VHP) is a HIPAA and privacy compliant revolutionary online wellness platform that is the first to offer a contained ecosphere of live virtual services to support your client goals. VHP’s program offers each client a personalized experience by offering a comprehensive virtual platform that can be accessed anywhere at any time. Through a mobile app, tablet, or computer, your clients will receive live, virtual 1:1 nutrition appointments and coaching from wellness specialists.
Our customized program offers a one-stop-shop to increase brand awareness, ensure long-term client success, and help make your own life a little easier.
Dendrite software provides point of care data capture (incorporating NSF minimum datasets), data analysis and reporting, outcome tracking and risk modelling.
  • Hospital Systems
  • Clinical Trials
  • Data Analysis
  • Registries
    In this ever-changing world, healthcare systems must continually adapt and evolve to deliver effective and sustainable patient care. With a greater emphasis being placed on clinical governance and evidence-based medicine, Dendrite is the clear choice for collecting and analysing data to facilitate comprehensive reporting and improved patient outcomes to your professional practice.

    TECHNIDATA is a major player in the field of software solutions for clinical laboratories and biorepositories. TECHNIDATA solutions serve organizations from the small single-discipline private laboratory to large multi-site and multi-disciplinary state-owned institutions.

    • NexLas
    • NexLabs Microbiology
    • Genet
    • HistoCyto
    • BloodBank

    Implementing TECHNIDATA solutions ensuring compliance with current local and international standards, enhancing clinical service provision, providing value for money, providing high quality clinical information and statistical data for financial and operation use, audit and research, and reducing – and where possible eliminating – clinical risks.