Regional Operations

We keep trying harder to achieve bigger ambitions. This has led us to push the limits both in terms of launching novel products and entering new markets. Our international operations began in the first decade of the new millennium and we have been making steady progress since then. Since Kuwait Market was not enough for us, we cancelled all political borders and expanded along the Middle East region.
  • International operations started in 2003 with the signing of Business Partnership Agreement (BPA) for supply of medical supplies for US marines in Kuwait and Iraq.
  • This was followed by more such agreements in the same year with US Army and the UK-join forces.
  • Expanded regionally in 2009 through more than 20 new representations of internationally renowned manufacturers in a wide range of healthcare products, such as the following:

The FIRST and ONLY swallowable, FDA-approved 3-balloon system for weight loss.

Premium water-jet assisted products

Human med AG is an innovative medical technology company with it’s headquarters in Schwerin, Germany. Our field of activity is “Water-Jet Surgery”. As the worldwide leading manufacturer of water-jet assisted products for the plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery we set benchmarks in natural body contouring.

We gained long-term experience in medical technology with water-jet dissectors that allow precise control and delicate tissue handling. On this basis we offer Water-jet Assisted Liposuction (WAL) and Autologous Fat Transfer for aesthetic body contouring, reconstructive surgery and treatment of soft tissue defects, scars and chronic wounds.

Hermes Medical Solutions was established in Stockholm, Sweden, The company was the first to develop SPECT reconstruction software and dual-head whole-body scanning. Hermes Medical Solutions introduced the first medical image fusion software for combined viewing of images from different scanners. By fusing the functional and morphological information this revolutionary solution supports physicians in localizing organ functions, thereby improving the understanding of molecular imaging and radiology.

Envisioning the needs of larger networks, the company rolled out its online database platform, GOLD™ a solution for connectivity, integration, workflows and data administration with high capacity storage. The company continued developing their software to further enhance image display and fusion of images, and then introduced a reconstruction software that improves SPECT image quality revolutionizing the diagnostic workflow and enabling absolute SUV SPECT®quantification.

Over the years, thousands of publications have cited Hermes Medical Solutions as a reference establishing Enterprise Molecular Imaging software as the leading software platform. Our true success lies in our close and longstanding cooperation with our clients to meet their software, support and service needs. Combining leadership in innovation with client driven service fostering exceptional patient care is our mission at Hermes Medical Solutions. Let’s make it yours.

Chemometec specialises in the design, development and production of high quality instruments using patented technology for a wide range of applications in cell counting and evaluation. 

Like many companies with unique technology, we had an interesting birth as talented development specialists with new ideas broke free from conservative corporate constraints. 

We work closely with life science companies, research institutes, universities, hospitals, specialist clinics and a wide range of food and beverage manufacturers, matching our technical development expertise to customer needs – with quality results, reliability, cost-efficiency and ease-of-operation as our guiding principles. We support a growing customer base worldwide with responsive technical services and the ready availability of a wide range of consumables.

Bio-Enzyme Water Treatment

AquaBella®  is an easy to apply 100% natural water treatment for fresh water, salt water, and waste water. It contains a dynamic blend of beneficial non-GMO microorganisms that break down and remove common contaminants from water bodies. These contaminants include ammonia, nitrates, phosphates, and organic solids (sludge) improving water quality and helping to prevent algal bloom.

TerraBella® is an organic soil corrective and root inoculant that promotes uptake of nitrogen and other essential nutrients. Its combination of effectiveness and ease-of-use make TerraBella well-suited for the needs of large commercial farmers.