Medical Unit is a UNIT under Surgitek Division. As a unit we are accurately understand the demands and unmet needs of highly specialized experts and aspirational customers (specialist) and respond by proposing and providing compelling solutions in a timely manner. As the healthcare industry focuses on early detection of diseases and minimally invasive procedures, our portfolio is there to deliver the diagnostic and therapeutic technologies they need to treat their patients.

Medical unit strategic objectives are to focus on managing Olympus following Lines:

  1. G&R: Our most advanced endoscopy system introduces a range of new, easy-to-use technologies that aim to revolutionize the way gastrointestinal disorders can be detected, characterized and treated.
  1. Endo therapy (disposable endoscopic accessories) : a portfolio of advanced, minimally invasive devices and professionals focused on partnering with customers to realize the very best procedural solutions, achieve the very best patient outcomes and provide the very best operational and cost efficiency programs.
  1. CDS: we offer the full range of products which are needed for reliable and sophisticated endoscope reprocessing. This includes a variety of ETD washer disinfectors for endoscope reprocessing and EDC Plus for drying and storage purposes.

Gastroenterology :

  • Imaging tower
  • Flexible scopes
  1. Gasroenteroscope
  2. Colonoscope
  3. Duodenoscope
  4. Bronchoscope
  5. Ultrasound Scope
  • Endo base 

With ENDOBASE NEXT as the center of the endoscopy department’s software landscape, IT infrastructure becomes more manageable. From patient scheduling to the reporting of examination results and documenting the reprocessing of equipment used.

Endo therapy :

  • Biopsy Forceps
  • Grasping Froceps
  • Polypectomy EMR, ESD
  • Hemostasis
  • Stricture Management
  • Biliary and Pancreatic Procedures ( ERCP )
  • Ultrasound Guided Needle Aspiration


  • Endoscopic Reprocessing
  • Dry Cabenit
  • Trasportation Trolley